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 Why TAGV?

TAGV TeamTAGV provides you with the best Embedded Technology in Soft and Hard Real Time Systems backed up by a proven team of uniquely qualified individuals with extraordinary knowledge, skills, and drive.

TAGV has strong hands on experience in Analog, digital and FPGA based board designing, considering the Industrial standards and procedures. The turn key competency of TAGV is the Board Bring Up TAGV Transistoractivity. And also has strong hands on experience in writing software as reusable modules considering the customers coding standards. The turn key competency is Atomic coding, Event/Task synchronization analysis. TAGV Graph

TAGV always looks for Long Term Relationship with the customers to bring in more value added services, providing improved performance and competitive overall cost level..  TAGV's business model can adopt and finds the best ways of working to the new business opportunity of its own kind having unique culture and representation across the globe.

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