AWS Agro Products

Automatic Agro Stations

Automatic Agro Stations are used to monitor the weather and agro parameters in agriculture lands. This data can be used for farming advice, crop insurance etc. More accurate statistics needs more data points which leads to a need for number of installation with lesser space intervals between them that can be produced in low cost productions.

An Automatic Agro Stations is a facility that automatically measures, records and transmits observations obtained from the meteorological and Agro sensors. The measurements of meteorological elements are converted into electrical signals through sensors. The signals are then processed and transformed into meteorological data. The resulting information is finally transmitted the by wire or radio or automatically stored it on a recording medium. A high quality weather observation is not just about an instrument fulfilling the accurate specifications. Below you can find the three main factors that one should consider when procuring new equipment.
➢ Understand the application requirements
➢ Define the instrument specifications
➢ Maintain the equipment

Data Loggers For Agro Stations

TAGV’s weather stations are based around a programmable data logger that measures the sensors, then processes, stores, and transmits the data. Our data loggers have wide operating temperature ranges, programmable execution intervals, and required input channels for commonly used sensors. Most sensors can be measured directly—without external signal conditioning circuits. Data sets are typically transmitted and stored in the units of choice (e.g., wind speed in mph, m/s, knots). Measurement rates and data recording intervals are independently programmable, allowing calculation of hourly, and daily minimum, maximum and instant data values from 1-minute or 1-second measurements. The program can be modified at any time to accommodate different sensor configurations or new data processing requirements.

Data Transmission And Retrieval

We offer multiple communications options for data Transmission, options including cellular, long range radio, satellite (INSAT) and wired interfaces like Ethernet and RS485. Data retrieval options include laptop computer and USB storage device (Pen drive).


Our PC-based support software simplifies the entire weather monitoring process, from programming to data retrieval to data display and analysis. Our software automatically manages data retrieval from networks or single stations. Robust error-checking ensures data integrity. We can even help you post your data to the Internet.