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UHF INSAT Transmitter

Manufactured in India, by TAGV Embedded Solutions Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001 company. This INSAT Transmitter provides long-term, reliable operation even in the harshest climate. TAGV’s UHF INSAT Transmitter provides reliable TDMA burst transmission for Metrological and Hydrological station applications.
Programmable power and frequency
Excellent long-term stability
Low power consumption
Wide supply voltage range
Easy integration
Software tunable frequency
Custom transmission format
Suitable for onsite deployment in any environment
IMD certified

INSAT UHF Transmitter Specifications

Carrier Frequency Band 402.0 MHz to 403.0 MHz
Carrier Set ability In steps of 100 Hz from 402.0 MHz to 403.0 MHz
Modulator PCM/BPSK
Power Output 3 to 10 watt user settable
Power Stability ±1 dB
Data Range 4.8 Kbps
Data Coding NRZ(L)
Frequency Stability
a.Long Term Transmit frequency inaccuracy including aging of oscillator will not exceed ±400 Hz per year. Provision available to adjust the long term drift.
b.Over Temperature Range ±1ppm or better (-40 to +55°C)
Signal Bandwidth 6.0 KHz Maximum or better
Spurious -60 dB or better
Harmonics -40 dB or better
Environmental Operating -20°c to +60°c
Relative Humidity 0 to 100%
Antenna cable (Recommended) LMR 400 or Better
Operating Voltage +12V DC, Switched by Data logger
Performance Data Reception availability 99% or better
Satellite System INSAT operated by ISRO
Certification IMD