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Environment Monitering Products

Environmental pollution monitoring and controlling is very important to protect the natural eco system and key for the human health. Air, water, sound and radiations will impact the health. Monitoring these resources is required. The state of art technology made it possible to design a compact and cost effective system to monitor these resources.

Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Air quality refers to the air conditions around us. Good air quality refers to the air that is free from pollutants, clear and clean. Poor air quality can affect and have a harmful impact on human health. Not only human but animals and natural resources like, water, plants are also threatened by high concentration of pollution in the air. Smoke, dust and other gaseous pollutants contaminate the air and the air quality is determined by assessing a variety of these pollution indicators.

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Water Quality Monitoring Stations

Water quality monitoring is defined as the sampling and analysis of water constituents and conditions. These may include, Introduced pollutants, such as pesticides, metals, and oil, Constituents found naturally in water that can nevertheless be affected by human sources, such as dissolved oxygen, bacteria, and nutrients. The magnitude of their effects can be influenced by properties such as pH and temperature. For example, temperature influences the quantity of dissolved oxygen that water is able to contain, and pH affects the toxicity of ammonia.

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Environmental Radiation Monitoring

The environmental radiation is one more source for human health. Sun radiation, earth radiation, UV radiation, radioactive elements are some of the components.

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Industrial Pollution Monitoring

Industries are the main source for pollution. Industrial waste need to be monitored to understand both air and water pollution contribution and regulate.

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