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Home Automation

Smart Home Products

The proposed scalable product will makes the present home as a remotely manageable Smart Home. This product can be scaled up as the society growing. The products are cost effective, upgradable and meet next century needs.
First step will be intelligent switch boards works in a network. Than this network plugged to the cloud for remote operation and sensors added to the network. A management app will provide complete management of home and makes home to Smart Home.
Three products are proposed with four versions in each product. First product is SSB, next is Smart Home and Smart Community. These products and versions will be brought into market as per the society needs

Smart Switch Board Smart Home Smart Community
Version Product Product Product
Ver-1 SSB-IR Smart Home-1 Smart Home
Ver-2 SSB-Wifi Smart Home-2 CMS
Ver-3 SSB-Touch Smart Home-3 Smart Home-CMS
Ver-4 SSB-IOT Smart Home Smart Home Community

Functional Features

Smart Switch Board

Touch Interface
Electronic Switch
Fan speed control
Remote control
Smart Phone Interface
In Home Display (IHD) Interface
Appliance Metering
Smart Meter Interface

Smart Home

Power switches status
Appliance Metering
Entrance Door monitoring
Burglar detection
Lights auto ON/OFF
Appliance control
Window curtness control
Entrance Door locking
Energy Audit report
Video calling Bell
CMS Interface

Smart Community

Common lighting control
Common lighting control
Common lighting control
Water leakage detection
Entrance gate open / close
Vehicle authentication
Gust access authentication
Smoke detection in common area
Gas detection in common area
Temperature measurement in common area
Vehicle access control
Maid Servant access control
Visitor moments monitoring
Common area monitoring
Common area Burglar detection
Electric Fence monitoring