Product Development

The team at TAGV has the expertise to design and develop products from concept to Product confirming to Industry standards.
Customer inputs in the form of a statement of work is converted to the following final package of standard deliverables:
System Architecture Design Document
Hardware Design Document
Software Design Document
Schematics and PCB files / Gerber Files for the PCB
Software Listing (fully commented)
Flow Charts
Verification and Validation
Fully working prototypes of the product developed
Specially fabricated Test Jigs (optional)
Product Documentation
Pilot Production

Software & Firmware Development

The combination of our technology skills and expertise in software development across various platforms enables TAGV to develop software for porting on to customized hardware.
The core competencies of the team comprises of:
Software development on 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit RISC and CISC architecture based Micro-Controllers and DSPs
Design of communication protocols
Enhancement of existing applications
Support for various target Micro-Controllers
Migration between different OSs
Optimization of applications
Performance tuning
RTOS - Embedded Linux, Montavista, Tasking, CMX, etc.,
Linux Device drivers
Boot Loaders for 32 bit Micro-Controllers
Device Drivers and interfaces for Modbus, CAN BUS, TCP/IP and USB, etc.,

Development Languages

Assembly language
Embedded C & C++

Cross Compilers

Keil Compiler
Code Composer Studio
Quartus 2
ISC Foundate

Debugging Tools

BDI - BDM 2000 Debugger
J-TAG Debug Adapter - Silabs
J-TAG XDS-100V2 debugger

Hardware Development

The combination of our technology skills and expertise in Hardware development enables TAGV to develop customized hardware.
The core competencies of the team comprises of:
High speed Digital Circuit Designs
Analog Circuit Designs
Mixed signal Circuit Designs
RF Designs
FPGA / ASIC Designs
Board Bring-Up
SPICE Simulation Designs
Low power and Battery operated Circuit Designs

Micro Controllers

8bit - Atmel, Philips, Dallas, Hitachi 8bit RISC - Silabs
16bit - Philips XA-G3, Hitachi
32bit - NXP, Freescale
32bit DSP - TI
64bit NW Processor - Wintegra


8bit - Atmel, Philips, Dallas, Hitachi RS-232, RS-485, RS-422


We undertake conversion of old or obsolete product designs to enhanced / state-of-art designs (16/32 bit Micro-Controllers) with value addition.
We work seamlessly to provide the right solutions through the synergy of our expertise in:
Porting of Firmware from low-end Micro-controllers to advanced Micro-controllers.
Redesign existing products with latest Micro-controllers enhancing the life of the products.
Conversion of legacy applications to state-of-the-art technology.
Designing to comply with agency requirements, if any.
Providing complete set of test results and documentation
Enabling a fast turn around time for production.
Complete support during pilot production.
Providing a cost effective solution resulting in a lower BOM cost.