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Rain Water Measurement

Rain Water Measurment

Water resource management is the need of the hour and challenging task. To accomplish this task, input, stored, consumed and waste water need to be continually monitored and controlled. TAGV’s RTDTS family products can measure the rain water, surface water, ground water levels and river / cannel water flow. Together with this data, Water resource management software will provide the statics, alerts and advises.

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Underground Water Measurment

Under ground water level measurement sensors will be installed in the bore well. The data logger will collect the water level information from the sensor and upload to the server in regular intervals. With this data ground water table can be estimated. This will be useful for agriculture, industrial as well as drinking water planning.

Reservoir Water Measurment

Water levels in reservoirs, rivers, canals, ponds etc will be measured using radar level sensor. Water levels up to mm accuracy will be measured automatically (without human intervention) and uploaded to central server regularly. The equipment works on battery and it is charged using solar panels.

River/Canal Flow

River or canal water flow will be measured using different types of flow sensors. The periodic water flow rate will depict how much water is going into see, how much water used from the reservoir etc. This is one of key parameter in the water management.