Wheather Monitering Products

Automatic Wheather Stations

We are now in an era where continuous automatic collection of weather data is feasible. And what really made a difference in the last few years is that the technology to make accurate automated measurements has become much more affordable and effortless to use. TAGV’s weather products will collect the sensor data in real time and upload to the cloud server. These products are economical, filed proven, maintains free and user friendly.

Real time and historical ground weather information of a location can be useful for several cases. The Automatic Weather Stations will collect weather parameters and upload to the server in frequent intervals, automatically. These fully automated and unsupervised stations (No operator / monitor) operate on solar power. TAGV AWS products are designed to meet the requirements of different applications within project budgets.

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Automatic Agro Stations

Automatic Agro Stations are used to monitor the weather and agro parameters in agriculture lands. This data can be used for farming advice, crop insurance etc. More accurate statistics needs more data points which leads to a need for number of installation with lesser space intervals between them that can be produced in low cost productions.

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Automatic Rain Guage

Rain fall is one of the most important and effective parameters. Rain fall data has multiple applications from water management to flood management. Again TAGV’s efficient, low cost products will provide scope for large installations.

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